When she brings it home she is somehow sucked into the world of Hannibal. This work is purely fiction. In Doubt (Akaashi Keiji x reader) Fluff. 1 Apr 2017 Original Music by © 2016 Taylor Ambrosio Wood, website: http://marimbagirl. so, these are all the yandere seokjin fics by various writers that i could find for us yandere seokjin fans. This one was kinda iffy, but at least I wrote something, so I’m leaving it as is. I do not believe any of the mentioned members would display any sort of this behaviour irl. Life wasn’t really the best, you had just turned eighteen and received your mark. X-Men. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader ☆ soulmate!au where a red string connects two people together. there will be dark themes, and possibly sensitive material. Yandere Marvel x Reader Requests! Now taking all requests for Yandere Marvel characters! Headcannons and drabbles, possibly one shots if the idea is broad enough for it! (Also cooking up an idea for a series) So send them in friends! I will do: Avengers/Related Characters. May I request yandere 2p Face family x s/o in a soul mate au where if they’re injured or write on their skin it appears on their soul mates skin. Never meeting them of her knowledge or if she did not  18 Apr 2019 Yandere reactions to an uninterested soulmate pt. yandere marvel marvel yandere peter parker x reader carol danvers x Yandere!Steve Rogers X Reader Warning: Some NSFW, Dark Themes •When you first met him, you would have never imagined how things would turn out •He was such a gentleman, surely not capable of hurting anyone without justification •You were wrong •Unless you take his ideas of justification into account •"I had to, Doll. The thought was a treat great enough to feast on. It was so obvious back then, that something wasn’t exactly right. Apr 06, 2019 · No Conditions, No Reservations - Bucky Barnes X Reader (Soulmate!AU) sofreakinmanyfandoms Completed Fanfiction Romance Science Fiction May 14, 2019 (Soulmate!AU) In a world where soulmates share wounds and scars, you are born missing your left arm. Originally posted by breakmybedbarnes. The gold wasn’t what made the necklace special, it was the name on the necklace, Obito’s name to be exact. Venom/Related Characters. only soulmates can see the other's red string. Yandere 2p China x Reader - Haze. tw: gore, murder, emotional Tim Drake x Reader - Soulmate AU. Making him have five soulmates. so yandere naruto naruto naruto x reader yandere yandere naruto x reader yandere x reader kiba and akamaru kiba x reader yandere kiba yandere kiba x reader kiba kiba inuzuka 102 notes May 24th, 2020 Open in app I Believe You're My Soulmate | Wakatoshi x Reader _____ Pairing: Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader Summary: Soulmate AU where the first thing your soulmate says to you is written on your wrist. Originally posted by joonsoulmap. May 20, 2018 · ‘Soulmate AU’ [Bakugou x reader] Bakugou Katsuki_____ A universe where soulmates swap bodies when one of the two turns 16 years old for a Jun 12, 2020 · A/B/O!BTS x Reader. I have waited for this moment. 夏の花火 (Akaashi Keiji x reader) Soulmate! AU Notice Me (YANDERE Kozume Kenma x reader) (1/3) Throughout the train ride home, (Y/n) remained silent, refusing to meet Kuroo’s piercing gaze whenever he tried to initiate eye contact with her, making sure the (H/c) girl was alright. Read at your own risk. A/n: This AU is the one  where your yandere fantasies come true ∆ requests are: CLOSED ∆ rules ∆ ∆ masterlist∆ yandere mha yandere bnha yandere headcannons yandere x reader his beloved soulmate. Daddy kink 2p England x Overweight Reader - Strawberry Shortcake. •He made you laugh, always got your mind off of lifes worries. ☆ please keep in mind that this is a yandere fic. Yandere!Deadpool X Reader. or both. Inebriate (YANDERE Akaashi Keiji x reader) Part 1. Most you quickly got results for a type of soulmate bond. Red // Yandere!Bakudeku x reader soulmate au // a/n: im sorry this is like,,,,, 1000k+ words of uh,,,, mid depressive episode nonsense,,,, warnings: blood, self harm Soft! Yandere! BTS Hyung Line [Soulmate AU] Warning: As this post contains yandere themes, the characters display behaviors that can be uncomfortable to read. ” He said patiently. Nov 02, 2015 · Yandere!Yuki Sohma X Reader (Y/N) (L/N) is the most popular and most liked girl in Kaibara High class 8-D you were the 'princess' of her high school, every girl wanted to be your friend but only for the popularity. you could harass him, mix him with the trash and never  America x Reader-Soulmate Au by Dina-soar (Mexico) with 3787 reads. You walked into the Avengers facility. Level of Restraint | Office AU | BDSM AU | Yandere AU | Smut | Thriller/Drama | Jimin x Reader | Namjoon x Reader | Taehyung x Reader | I See You Part 1 | Coming Soon | Soulmate AU | College/Internship AU | Romance/Drama | Smut | Jungkook x Reader | Jimin x Reader | Yandere Naruto x Reader x Yandere Sasuke . What is he to do, when he does not believe in soulmates. May 31, 2016 · FNAF Characters x Reader (Multiple Paths) Part 6 >> Freddy path: “The things he told you are mostly true,” Freddy says gruffly, letting out a sigh. yandere spider man spider man x reader  5 Jun 2019 Meant to Be // yandere Shigaraki x Reader someone requested a Shigaraki soulmate AU and while I don't take requests, if something piques  17 Jun 2019 {Five Hundred Hearts Special} Soulmate AU!Yandere!Shigaraki x Reader (1/?): Hide Her! Now! InsertCleverUsername. (Name) is a fannibal for Hannibal. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Yandere 2p Canada x Reader - Always Watching. Part two here, Part three here, Part four. SOULMATE AU- you have a mark where your soulmate is going to touch first. 6 Sep 2018 And if you do… I'd say Shoto would never hurt you, but we've already been down this road. com / The artist who provided the character artwork for this video is . I hope you like it! :3. It was a fist on your jaw as if your soulmate is going to punch the utter fuck out of you. Fate?: Various Yandere Soulmate Overwatch X Male Reader Fanfiction (Name) (Last Name) is a anomaly in which he has not one, not two, but five names on his skin. Dominant Reader (Y/n), a high ranking Platoon Commander in the Military, was on a mission with her squad when her plane was shot down by an enemy ship, leaving her stranded on an unknown island, with none of her comrades in sight. You should have seen the warnings from the first time you really encountered them. we’ll see how it goes, but for now enjoy the new chapter!!! Soft! Yandere! BTS Makane Line [Soulmate AU] Warning: As this post contains yandere themes, the characters display behaviors that can be uncomfortable to read. Yandere 2p Germany x Reader . bakugou, eijiro, amajiki. I’m not trying to make this into a just Yandere blog honest Although I’m more than happy to make Yandere content for you guys if you like it! Be sure to leave a request so I can do stuff you guys wanna read! (B/n)= Baby’s name Dabi x reader burn Dabi x reader burn anonymous asked:. Jan 30, 2018 · Feeder 2p Canada x Reader - Homemade. you have been warned. Lilies are my favorite for such a simple flower can have so many distinct meanings. Pirate BTT x Reader - Not all treasure is gold Soulmate! Renjun x Reader {Dreaming in Bright Colors} okay okay guys. She goes to a rental store and rents the series of Hannibal. Requested: Anon. I’m sorry. Every move, even  Apr 25, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Luna. i think that it’s a bit overused, but it also fits renjun perfectly and i really love it. yandere imagines yandere yandere x reader  8 Dec 2018 S O U L M A T E S // Yandere x Reader. Pairing(s): Yandere!Jerome Valeska x Reader Warning(s): Foul language/Swearing, abuse (Nothing that you haven’t already seen on Gotham!) Jerome was pushed back by a powerful punch to the gut, anyone else would have the wind knocked out of them; but for him this was a regular occurrence. It was a pretty necklace, seemingly made out of real gold. Inebriate (YANDERE Akaashi Keiji x reader) Part 2 . part 1︱part 2︱Part 4. Thank you for reading梁梁. ETCHED INTO MY SOUL Soulmate AU // Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung ☔⚡ ⇥ Chapter 1, … JUST DANCE feat. (x reader) 99. yandere yandere x reader yandere  3 May 2019 He could let you be a hero for maybe a year tops then gravely injure you? No that would be cruel. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter) Pariston Hill; Phinks (Hunter X Hunter) Uvogin | Ubogin; Feitan (Hunter X Hunter) Shalnark (Hunter X Hunter) Silva Zoldyck; Additional Tags: Yandere; Soulmate AU; non-con; Possessive Behavior; Obsessive Behavior; reader - Freeform; Kidnapping; Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-02-25 Completed: 2020-04-28 Words: 26586 Jul 14, 2015 · red string. Tags Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Anime Manga Supernatural Reader Insert Yandere Oneshot X Reader Malexreader You were walking home from work, the city you lived in was dark and only the faint sounds of a random car passing by could be heard as you walked. Originally posted by yourdailymovies. a/n: is this what they call a slow burn?? i promise the intense yandere stuff goes down soon…-ish. You notice it sounds like air blowing from a fan. Word Count: 2044 Read ☁️Katsuki x Reader: Soulmate AU from the story My Hero Academia: Oneshots by quoteoftheday (Heming-waste) with 64,135 reads. Namjoon too was taken aback by Yoongi’s vehement response. I really do love the soulmate au. You didn’t like that. Deadpool/Related Characters. For so long , I waited for the day that I would finally find YOU! My LOVE! Yandere reactions to someone who isn't interested in soulmates. So she avoided A King’s Obsession (YANDERE Oikawa x reader) — Part ½ . Summary: All (Name) Graham ever wanted was to never ever find her Soulmate. It would have been all fine an' dandy if she wasn't surrounded by three Alpha Skeletons and one Omega Skeleton. So she avoided eyes at all cost. Her sister steals her copy of the Hannibal series. Daffodil //Yandere Tamaki x reader drabble// a/n: this was very loosely inspired by this song requests: open “I don’t know, Tamaki, I just… don’t have an interest in romance. 2 WARNINGS: Dark Themes, Straight up Smut at some point, Non-Con This is more of an imagine at this point, so pardon me for not continuing with the format of Pt. AU: Whatever you write on your arm/body shows up on your soulmate’s in the same place and in your handwriting. You should’ve known something up was up from the first day you were assigned to Team 7. The writing doesn’t show up, however, until you and your soulmate meet. Yandere!Junkrat finding his soulmate (who isn’t keen on him) - He was over the moon when he first encountered him - Every disgusted sneer or comment was just brushed off - Just made them the hard to get type, which excited him more - Takes every chance he gets just to talk to him or find some way to impress him Dec 25, 2017 · Word Count: 964 ----- His words come in bits and pieces to you-- your sleeps are never peaceful enough to remember his face, if you've even dreamt at all. A/N: I wrote this some time ago. The dark side to the soulmate prompt that I've seen floating around (Law x Reader) AU Oneshot This has got to be one of the best Yandere fanfics I've EVER Stucky x reader soulmate au where they think the reader is some weird fan and isn’t serious when she says that she’s their soulmate and they accidentally reject her? Maybe lots of angst but a fluffy ending cause I need something to cheer me up. Kill me :) •At first, he was just a friend. love, soulmate, Read 2p america from the story (YANDERE) nations X America by  12 Dec 2019 Yandere!Alastor x Reader Headcanons ❤ Alastor, along with being extremely powerful, is a very crafty and strategic demon. Yoongi x Reader x Hoseok // Idol & Holiday AU ⇥ M ☁️☔ 1️⃣ (Commission~) CANDY MAN Yandere! Hoseok x Reader ⇥ E ☔ 1️⃣ ⌲ yandere-society My Bloody Valentine Event . Flowers can have different meanings depending on the flower shape, color, and method in which they are presented. 7K 1 Black Water [Yandere Pirate x Reader] E-girl Wannabe Fanfiction Fantasy Romance 2 days ago You desired nothing more than to spend your days surrounded by the warm love of your soulmate, and yet that future was wrenched away by Misfortune's icy fingers. Always with you (Akaashi Keiji x reader) Angst . Demon! Yandere! Yoongi x Reader. i’d like to have a new part out every week or so, give or take a few days. He Yandere!Wolverine Headcanons Warnings: Dark Themes, A Bit of NSFW. “I’m not trying to change her mind. please let me know if you know of any y!ksj fic that isn’t mentioned here. His smile was contagious. a/n; I fuckin,,, actually love this idea,,, if y'all want me to do a part two or you want to see some  6 Sep 2018 -peters sobs still audible, the last thing you hear before passing out is him stutter out apologies. Feeder 2p England x Overweight Reader - Taste Tester. Yandere reactions to an uninterested soulmate pt. Aug 24, 2017 · Fandom: Avengers ex reader Warning: None? Pairing: Avengers x reader Summary: The clock on you wrist stops when you find your soulmate. ” Yandere Akaza(Hakuji) x Reader: Jealousy We love one beautiful demon who respects women. Daddy Kink 2p Canada x Reader. i’m gonna attempt to use something like that in this fic Yandere Obito x Reader Golden Necklace “Is this for me? How did you even get this?” You said, examining the golden necklace in your hands. yandere momo yandere kirishima yandere kirishima x reader yandere shinso x reader. His boxy smile grew as he imagined you sprawled out on his bed in that red dress he loved so much, draped in these precious diamonds, perhaps only in these diamonds. SO GORE WARNING, CUSSING WARNING, CREEPY ASS SHIT WARNING. Police Officer!Sans X Female!Reader (Donut Ask Me) You arranged the cake donuts in the display case by type, blueberry, chocolate, lemon and cinnamon. A prodigy, the Great King, a rising star, the perfect and most handsome bachelor – those were the titles the volleyball genius Oikawa Tooru worn, the titles that were bestowed onto him since he was like a bright constellation in the atramentous sky, emitting a glow which radiated uttermost confidence and pride with his position as yandere marvel marvel yandere tony stark x reader steve rogers x reader clint barton x reader natasha romanoff x reader bruce banner x reader thor odinson x reader loki laufeyson x reader peter parker x reader wanda maximoff x reader pietro maximoff x reader bucky barnes x reader sam wilson x reader t'challa x reader stephen strange x reader Yandere Erasermic x f!Reader. Your friends and family had tried to come with reasons as to why they would Blackshadow, bleh Tags Fanfiction Horror Romance Yandere Decepticon X Reader Soulmate Autobot This story will include Yanderes, which if you aren't familiar with the term are a person or in this case mech/femme who are madly obsessed with someone, and often use violent means. red string. yandere ksj fics. You were very endearing and cute and Taehyung absolutely adored you. Instead you found yourself in the arms of a demon, who desired to consume you whole. i’ll keep updating the list as more fics are posted. Precious [Yandere! Kim Taehyung] [Reader-Insert] You were a petite innocent thing who was the optimum of the word precious. The smell of freshly baked donuts and brewing coffee wafted through the air and you chuckled slightly as you heard your coworkers gossip about one of the frequent customers who comes in. you’re gonna have to bear with me for this one. a lot of soulmate! aus that have renjun have to do with him painting something and it shows up on the soulmate or whatever. Yandere!Bucky Barnes Pt. Dabi x reader burn Dabi x reader burn All (Name) Graham ever wanted was to never ever find her Soulmate. Soulmates: Yandere Soulmate Hannibal X Soulmate Reader Yandere Soulmate Hannibal X Soulmate Reader is YANDERE HANNIBAL X OC ~~~~ Hannibal meets Jade, Will's 24 Soul Marks: Various Yandere Split X Soulmate Reader Get notified when 24 Soul Marks: Various Yandere Split X Soulmate Reader is updated. Without You (Akaashi Keiji x reader) Angst . 2 ayeeee it’s finally here!!! requests: open HitoshiEver since you could remember, there’d been another voice in your head. Sheridan looked at Yoongi in surprise as he stood up for her; cheeks coloring pink in embarrassment from Namjoon calling her out for her inexperience and Yoongi’s protectiveness both. 1 A part 2 to Yandere!Bucky Headcanons where reader goes through pregnancy and has a super soldier baby requested by: @themosthappyfangirl Soulmates: Yandere Soulmate Hannibal X Soulmate Reader EPICNESSQUEEN21. Ring; Yandere!V x Reader. Warning: Dark Themes, Implied Non-Con Also you may or may not see some Heathers references. You began to get your soulmate dreams six months ago, and though you knew it wouldn't help, you purchased the best-selling Soulmate Dreams for Dummies official guide. Etc… yandere wilson < > Most recent. Fate?: Various Yandere Soulmate Overwatch X Male Reader Fanfiction (Name) (Last Name) is a anomaly in which he has not one, not two, but five names on his skin. Originally posted by sairenji. Min Yoongi Talk to me // Dabi x Tomura x Reader soulmate au // (poly) a/n: look,,,, im not gonna lie i had to split this bc i wasn’t sure if i wanted the next part to b angst heavy or smut heavy. they’re scared and in danger because they were kidnapped, currently they’re In a dark room but find something they can use to inscribe words on skin they write “help me!” Tags Fanfiction Romance Soulmate Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog Kidnap Manipulation Yandere Shadow X Reader News heading - Bat kidnapped and found in abandoned building Stucky x reader soulmate au where they think the reader is some weird fan and isn’t serious when she says that she’s their soulmate and they accidentally reject her? Maybe lots of angst but a fluffy ending cause I need something to cheer me up. yandere soulmate x reader

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